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Everyone Deserves To Be Active


Get Quality Care

We provide one on one, patient-centered care with a chiropractor in Manhattan who will listen and understand what you’re going through.

Restore Function

Reduce pain, move better, and feel better with chiropractic treatment individualized to your needs to restore function.

Stay Active

Achieve your goals through combined movement and education to help you bridge the gap between pain and activity.

Finding A Chiropractor In Manhattan

Identifying the right chiropractor in Manhattan can often be a daunting task, yet it is of utmost importance to ensure optimal health. The plethora of options can be overwhelming, and discerning quality care and competency can be quite challenging.  

However, the difficulty of this hunt should not detract from its significance. A proficient chiropractor can accurately diagnose and effectively address your health concerns, resulting in relief from pain and enhanced overall well-being. By investing time in your search for a top-notch chiropractor in Manhattan, you are, in essence, investing in your health and quality of life. Therefore, it is crucial not to compromise on this aspect of healthcare, despite the difficulties involved in the process.

Active Health Chiropractic has established itself as the prime destination for those seeking exceptional chiropractic care.Our Manhattan chiropractic clinic stands out amid the myriad of options, thanks to our top-rated reviews and high patient satisfaction rates.These accolades are testaments to our unwavering commitment to providing the highest standard of care for our patients. 

Patients consistently laud our Manhattan chiropractic clinic for its welcoming environment, the professionalism of our staff, and the effectiveness of its treatments. Active Health Chiropractic’s exceptional reputation is further bolstered by our patient-centric approach, ensuring that every individual receives personalized care tailored to their specific health needs. Choosing Active Health Chiropractic is synonymous with choosing the best chiropractor in Manhattan. 

What We Offer

Chiropractic Services

As a local Manhattan chiropractor, Dr. Tyler Savory helps restore patients’ abilities, so you can feel and perform your best.

About Us

About Active Health Chiropractic

Manhattan chiropractor, Dr. Tyler Savory provides chiropractic care at Active Health Chiropractic to help patients in Manhattan to move better and feel better. As a trained and certified Manhattan chiropractor, Dr. Savory and his staff help patients understand why they are experiencing pain and cater treatment plans to each patient’s needs. Using one-on-one chiropractic and non-surgical methods of care, we help patients feel and function better. 

Real People & Real Results

Are you tired of having your life defined by pain and injuries?

Too often pain leaves people feeling hopeless, fragile, and frustrated. 

At Active Health Chiropractic we think you deserve to live better. Our Manhattan chiropractors want to empower, guide, and reassure you through movement and evidence-based care that can help you achieve your goals of living a healthier, more active lifestyle.

When you visit our Manhattan chiropractic clinic, we will conduct a comprehensive exam to determine what is preventing you from being active and will devise a tailored treatment plan to help you live without pain holding you back. 


Changed their lifestyle


Years of experience

Why Us

Why Active Health Chiropractic?

Move better to feel better

At Active Health Chiropractic, our Manhattan chiropractors take a hands-on, science-based care approach to activity limiting musculoskeletal injuries. We help guide people from all walks of life towards being free of pain so they can live an active life and achieve peak performance. 

When you visit our Manhattan chiropractic clinic, our goal is to identify the root cause of your injury through a comprehensive examination. Comprehensive exams may include orthopedic and neurological testing, range of motion assessment, and functional assessments. 

We offer several different non-surgical methods of care so we can customize a treatment plan to your individual needs. Getting help from a top-rated Manhattan chiropractor can help you achieve results fast so you can feel healthy and become active again. 

Woman doing Chiropractic Exercises
woman working out

The #1 Manhattan Chiropractor For An Active Lifestyle

Our Process

Get Your Active Lifestyle Back

The process is easy

01. 1.Book An Appointment With Our Manhattan Chiropractor
02. 2. Get An Achievable Plan of Action For Treatment
03.3. Pursue An Active Lifestyle To Live And Feel Better
Treatments & Techniques

State-Of-The-Art Treatments & Techniques

Active Health Chiropractic wants our clients to have an exceptional experience each time they visit. 

 That’s why we strive to provide the most up-to-date treatments in a relaxed atmosphere. We also use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques that are gentle and effective.  

Our team is always available to answer your questions and walk you through your treatment plan. Whether you’re looking for pain relief or preventive care, our chiropractors in Manhattan are here to provide the best treatments to help you get active and stay active. 

Services From Our Manhattan Chiropractors to Help You Feel and Perform Your Best

Chiropractic treatment covers a wide variety of services to help patients who suffer from any form of pain or to treat those who have been injured. A common misconception about chiropractic care is that all we do is perform spinal adjustments when, in reality, our Manhattan chiropractors focus on the treatment and recovery of musculoskeletal injuries – so patients can feel their best. 

At Active Health Chiropractic, our Manhattan chiropractors combine rehabilitation along with chiropractic care to treat pain and injury, so you move better and feel better. Our team of Manhattan chiropractors help patients affected by injury, illness, or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education, and advice. Patients are given a customized exercise prescription as part of their treatment plan. 

FRC® is a comprehensive joint training system focused on mobility development, joint strength, and body control. Utilizing scientific principles and research, our Manhattan chiropractors use Functional Range Conditioning® to improve upon the active, usable motion an individual’s joints possess to improve neurological function, maximize movement potential, and reduce pain and injury.  

Busy Lifestyles

A Chiropractor In Manhattan For Busy Lifestyles

At Active Health Chiropractic, we understand that your active lifestyle doesn’t leave much room for slowing down. As a premier chiropractor in Manhattan, we’ve adapted our approach to match the pace and needs of our clients. We provide flexible appointment schedules and efficient chiropractic care designed to get you back to your daily tasks quickly.  

Our services are not just about immediate relief but also focus on long-term wellness, ensuring you continue to thrive in your busy life. Trust Active Health Chiropractic, your go-to chiropractor in Manhattan, to support your active lifestyle and keep you moving at your best. 

Accessible Chiropractic For Everyone

At Active Health Chiropractic, we believe that everyone should have access to excellent chiropractic care. That’s why our Manhattan chiropractic clinic accepts a variety of payment options, including cash, credit cards, and debit cards.  

Active Health Chiropractic accepts most health insurances. For the most up-to-date information on insurance acceptance, please give us a call. We may work with your plan to cover our services.

We can check your individual plan for such coverage and will give you more information about potential coverage and any out-of-pocket costs after we verify your plan. Patients can also use their FSA or HSA to take care of payment for sessions. 

Our goal is to make sure you can get quality chiropractic treatments from a reliable chiropractor in Manhattan without breaking your budget. 

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What Our Patients Say

I felt loose and weightless afterward.

Between the oddly satisfying cracking noises and the relief, I felt afterward, the back adjustment alone is, honestly, pure gold. Honestly, I’d go back every week just for the adjustments. I’m naturally a very tense person (hence the back pain, natch), but he was very accommodating. He spoke to me throughout each step and answered all of my one million and one questions.

Blessing N

I felt tremendous relief – both physically and mentally.

I had been experiencing back pain for several months and couldn’t find relief. Dr. Savory was amazing – he took his time and explained everything. He answered all my questions and after my first visit, I felt tremendous relief – both physically and mentally.

Delilah S

How To Reach

Our office is located on 14th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue.


  • 4, 5, 6, L, N, Q, R, W trains to Union Square
  • F, M, L and PATH trains to 14th Street & 6th Avenue
  • 1, 2, 3 trains to 14th Street & 7th Avenue
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